About Me...

Who is The Stylista and the Frog?
After a long (and very fun) career in Central London I moved out to the Shires (Buckinghamshire!) four years ago to start the next chapter of my live (and my 30s) with my boyfriend (now fiance!) and look to secure the ultimate goal. To get a better work life balance.

I worked in an industry that is more commonly known through the likes of Sex in the City, Ab fab and MTV's The Hills.. PR - though there is so much more hard work involved than they ever made out. Though everyday is different and often hard work, I got to experience so many amazing things, from working the red carpet at the BAFTA's, to working with fashion designer Matthew Williamson at London Fashion Week and even conducting artist interviews at V-Festival.

So why The Stylista and the Frog?
The Stylista and the Frog isn't a blog that just reviews beauty products, books or events marking them out of 10 or how to customise clothes with glitter, ribbon... not me and it’s very un-likely you will see this on here.  There are some amazing blogs out there that can show you these things and I can give you a long list of people to follow if needed!

What The Stylista and the Frog does talk about is about the life of a 30 something, covering topics including literature, fashion, travel, health, weddings and all in-between!  

Oh and one more thing I here you ask “Why The Stylista and the Frog?” Taking inspiration from my favourite fairytale The Princess and the Frog. As there are those moments, usually when you are looking at an item of clothing that may at first not look right or seem ugly to others, but might actual be turn into you most favourite piece in your wardrobe.