Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Shopping for vintage inspired accessories...

My nanny was the one person in my life that would make sure that she left the house wearing jewellery, usually a pair of peal earrings or a piece of gem encrusted costume jewellery.

She would wear a couple of expensive pieces and would mix them with items that may have cost her only a few pound from the charity shop or a hand me down from a friend. She was very particular about the items she chose though and would always look glamorous…. more Joan Collins than Pat Butcher, but she always could find some real treats when I used to go out with her into town.

Thinking about what I have seen recently when I am rummaging through vintage shops or being hassled by a antique dealer.. it can be a challenge to seek out an item that doesn’t look naff and could ideally could pass as an accessory in Tatler.

My friends do get annoyed sometimes, when they ask where something I am wearing is from and my answer isn’t Topshop or Zara, and I reply with “Oh this old thing, its from a cute little vintage shop in Liverpool”. You can see them getting a bit annoyed that they wont find the same finds when they go out hunting for that finishing-touch accessory that no one else will have.

Though proper vintage shopping takes time, research, and a trained eye (and I would advise anyone to try it), you can find some wonderful retro and vintage inspired pieces on the high-street. Vintage inspired pieces often use modern techniques to create similar details as their old rivals. Though take a look below for my top 5 items on the high – street that can get you that vintage look at a lot less!

1. Limit ladies watch, ASOS, £19.99
2. Silver Gem Leaf Chandelier Earrings, New Look, £5.99
3. Embellished Cape, Miss Selfridge, £22.99
4. Lorna Round Glasses, Accessorize, £14.99
5. Ballroom Hardcase Clutch Bag, Accessorize, £25.99