Sunday, 11 January 2015

How I layer statement necklaces…


The thought of layering several statement necklaces on top of each other initially makes me shudder, as it really doesn’t take much to go from something that could resemble a chic ensemble that Olivia Palermo could pull together and something that looks like you are trying to rival Mr T.

Though after much practicing and being honest with myself when I look in the mirror to check if I do look ridiculous, I have found my feet. So below are a few rules that I try to stick to.

1. I am all for layering diamonds, though when layering it can be too overpowering if the necklaces don’t look that different. When pairing coloured gemstones, I try to at least either match one colour in both or try to make them at least a shade different.

2. Use common sense; the longest necklace should be added first as the bottom layer, ending with the shortest last as the top layer. One thing I look for is an adjustable clip so you can play around with the length.

3. Bear in mind the occasion. I have gone dancing with two statement necklaces on and it was a too heavy to bust my best moves on the dance floor. Also thinking about work, one statement necklace can draw the eye enough, two can make someone look at your neck and not listen to what you are saying in a client meeting… I wont touch on wearing this to the gym (promise I have never done this).

My main rule is if you think it looks silly or OTT it probably is, so trust your instincts and go rock your look with confidence.