Thursday, 22 January 2015

An essential sno-ccessory...

Red Bobble Hat, £19.99, Topshop [as seen on Caroline Flack :)]

I may be over in the snowy mountainsides of Haute-Savoie (French-Alps) and wearing a very un-sexy ski helmet and goggles for a large majority of my time here. However when I am not protecting my head with this unfashionable safety gear, I am opting for the trusty bobble hat.

I use the word trusty, as I wear a bobble hat on all opportunities where the weather is particularly being unfavourable to my newly blow dried hair, and needing to get from A to B without looking like I have been attacked by a hedge.

Looking back in time a bobble hats was traditionally considered a functional cold-weather wear item and in the late 20th century were seen as very unfashionable and usually seen on older football supporters in club colours during the 1960s and 1970s. However times have changed, and the bobble hat has gained a position as a fashionable hat to sit alongside the beanie and the fedora as a practical yet stylish item.

I would also say that I have heard from many people (surprisingly a few men too) saying is does border on the 'cute' side when a woman wears it. So do give a thought to what colour, pattern bobble hat you choose, as if you are trying to pair it with a smart suit for work... it isnt likely to give you the sophisticated look you were after. However is in doubt stick to plain colours and steer clear of the knitted apres-ski look ones that are neon green! save those for the ski holiday.