Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The little things you learn...

Last year was the the year of learning for me, and though I posted slightly less on here, this didn't mean that there wasn't anything going on in my life.. quite the opposite! My brother got married, I became an Auntie, I moved in with the boy and secured my roots in the rolling countryside of Buckinghamshire... as well as taking on more responsibilities at work. So some  big changes.

However instead of me dealing of a long list of goals for 2014 and setting that annual goal of wishing to have the body of Kelly Brook, I want to reflect on 2013 and some of the key things I learnt, which might actually be useful to some of you... when you find yourself crossing the same obstacles  or conundrums.

  1. Make time for others, but make time for yourself
  2. Read labels on clothing - I have managed to shrink two jumpers and damage a blouse as they were hand wash/dry clean...take a minute to read... if in doubt hand wash! (...and make sure there are no biro's left in your trouser pockets!!)
  3. Don't get bogged down in your weaknesses; we aren't perfect
  4. Juicing is an amazing way of life -  I am a complete convert and will continue to do juice detoxes in 2014 ( for more information on juicing check out www.juicemaster.com)
  5. Don't be influenced by nasty comments, snide digs.. stand your ground and maintain your dignity & integrity 
  6. When moving in with your boyfriend make sure you don't dismiss all their treasured possessions.. learn to compromise - Indeed their 30 year collection of Viz magazine may send you into shock and the Sega Mega Drive given prize position in the living room may make you think "why am I doing this?".. but just remember he isn't questioning the 62 statement necklaces you want on display and the ever-growing collection of beauty products you need to own!
  7. Step out of your comfort zone occasionally 
  8. If an item you love is broken try and fix it asap -  loosing gems out of a necklace, a clasp on a watch being loose, a hole in a jumper or a button coming off a coat can be the breaking point of  not being able to wear something get off your butt and fix it! I now have spare buttons, superglue, spare earring backs and other handy bits and bobs in tin so I can fix the item myself there and then!
What did you learn in 2013? is there anything you are going to change or work on in 2014?

'til next time xx