Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Birthday sparkle with the help of Zara...

I think everyone has that moment once or twice before they go for a meal or date, when you question yourself on your choice of atter and ponder if you have made the right choice you don't know what the dress code is for the evening... turning up in a sequin number and then all the other girls have come in jeans and pumps... can make you look a bit of an attention seaker... especially if the night is about someone else!

Last weekend I went out on the town to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays, with a meal and some drinks and I had this dilema. What kind of a restaurant we were going to? and what was the dress code we were going for? (sequins were on the cards for the first 4 hours), however I went back to my failsafe look which is a simple top (though in a high end fabric like silk) teamed with skinny jeans and mid heel court shoes. However as it is me and I do love a bit of bling the statement necklace I went for is this beauty for Zara that I got about a year ago.. and yes it is as sparkly in person!. I adore it.. however I did notice that the waitress talked to my chest rather than my face for this reason!

'til next time xx