Monday, 21 October 2013

Time to detox...

Many of my friends would say that I have a skill for detoxing and reorganising peoples wardrobes. I genuarly enjoy chucking out old clothes, unused bags and broken jewellery or finding new homes for items with Meyer friends that they might then get some more love from them. (Much to my friends delight to be able to get some hand- me-downs.Though for a change this post isn't about detoxing wardrobes  or my ever expanding collection of statement necklaces. This about detoxing of a different kind. My health.

I would say like the average Brit, I like food, the odd (ok few) glasses of red wine and head to the gym a couple of times a week after work. Though like many I feel that I need a bit of a re-boot, a bit of a body blitz. So with the help of a wise man call Jason Vale and a shed load of veg I  have started a jucing detox.

 Since starting on Friday I have been on just five juices a day for seven straight days - With only water and a herbal teas being my other companions. I also will have Jason's app keeping me company and on the straight and narrow. It has been a bit tough so far.. I have been craving bread and pasta... Though I am halfway through and the end is in site...  I am going to give it my all!

I will of course be tweeting how I am getting on, the juices I am having and let you know next Saturday how it went.

'til next time xx