Monday, 14 October 2013

A little statement...

Impulse nights out are usually the best. That moment when you go..'sod sitting here in our PJ's watching XFactor tonight, lets go out for a few drinks and a bit of a dance!'. Last night was just one of these nights!

I went with a purple silk vest from River Island teamed with Whistles skinny black jeans and a black cotton Top Shop blazer. Thought the item I wanted to share with you the was the earrings that I chose for the evening as they were a bargain at £7.99 (New Look) and were bold, though beautiful.

I chose to have my hair up in a simple pin up style that was made easier by my hair being curled earlier on in the day - so literally 10 minutes to do. And based the style on one used by the lovely Lauren Conrad when she was in The Hills. I learnt how to do it by just practising in a mirror a few times and using the long Kirby grips rather then the small ones so they hold the hair in place.

What do you think? Do you have your hair up when you have statement earrings?

'til next time xx