Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just like school: the tribes of LFW...

I have been to four London Fashion weeks now and every time I have tried to enjoy the whole experience and make sure I make the most of the opportunities that come from meeting other bloggers and like-minded individuals that love fashion. I personally like to photograph peoples outfits that I think are well put together and wearable. Sadly with LFW some people take the event way to seriously and try too hard with their outfits in an attempt to be noticed.

Though how can you spot the difference between a fashion buyer and blogger? Or the difference between a fashion assistant and a fashion PR?  It can be a tricky to navigate your way through the masses of LFW and who is someone worth approaching and those who is desperate to be spotted. I loved this ‘who’s who’ guide by Ailsa Miller (Senior Fashion Assistant at Tatler)…. a helpful guide for anyone daring the cobbled courtyard of Somerset House... keep this in you bag for next time!

The weirdest looks at London Fashion Week SS14 - Yahoo Lifestyle

Wearing: Bomber jacket, slogan T-shirt, micro-kilt and Nikes (all the better for running after your boss).
Can be found between shows: Sprinting for the fashion bus, which is always parked down some alley miles from the venue - only the seasoned assistants have the knack for finding it. Befriend them.
Favourite show:
Most likely to say: Has anyone seen the fashion bus?

Wearing: Skinny black-leather trousers, Equipment silk shirt and fresh pair of Manolo BBs. Crucially, they won't be carrying a bag or even, in some cases, be wearing a coat - the ultimate proof they have a driver outside.
Can be found between shows: On their BlackBerry, in the backseat of their chauffeur-driven Range Rover.Favourite show: Jonathan Saunders.Most likely to say: Could you please turn off the air conditioning?

Wearing: An outfit by the designer whose show they are attending, which, although this entails 10 changes a day, always seems to be an A-line minidress, bare legs, and nude patent platforms (still).
Can be found between shows: Who knows? They disappear as quickly as they arrive. Probably getting changed.
Favourite show: House of Holland
Most likely to say: Excuse me, I MUST nip backstage to congratulate Henry on the most WONDERFUL show.

Wearing: Golden Goose sneakers, Peter Pilotto printed pencil skirt (try saying that 10 times fast), a plain white T-shirt and zillions of crystal eyeball necklaces by Dannijo.
Can be found between shows: Standing with one leg crossed over the other, chin-down-smiling, surrounded by 173 street style photographers, and on the receiving end of filthy looks from the Bloggers: Z List.
Favourite show: Peter Pilotto, obvs.
Most likely to say: I wish I could pay someone to break in these Balenciaga boots for me.

Wearing: Neon-fur floorlength cape, a hat with googly eyes, platforms without a heel, madly shaped sunglasses, a slogan T-shirt with a fashion saying on it, shredded denim bottom-exposing hotpants, crazy patterned tights, under even crazier-patterned knee socks, all topped off with a Japanese backpack shaped like a stuffed animal (more often than not, a retro cartoon reference such as a Pokemon character or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle).
Can be found between shows: Head down, charging through Somerset House as if they have somewhere very important to be. In fact, this is their eighth lap since the last show and is just a ruse to be papped.
Favourite show: Anything and everything they finagle their way into.
Most likely to say: I don't exactly have a ticket, but my friend is just inside, can I go in and look for her?

Wearing: Trenchcoat, baggy jeans and brogues, with a bicycle parked nearby to use as an 'impromptu' prop.
Can be found between shows: Lying on the cobbles of Somerset House, snapping arty shots of shoes with bananas on. Or something.
Favourite show: JW Anderson
Most likely to say: What is your name and who are you wearing?
Wearing: Animal print, Illesteva mirrored sunglasses and an oversized Marni tote (concealing laptop and flat shoes).
Can be found between shows: Rushing frantically between showroom appointments (sometimes having to miss the actual shows) and napping, wherever and whenever possible.
Favourite show: Erdem
Most likely to say: Is my Outlook broken or do I really have this many appointments?

Wearing: All black, accessorised with killer heels, a headset, a clipboard, and a startlingly intense look in the eyes.
Can be found between shows: Sobbing quietly over a seating chart in a corner, backstage.
Favourite show: The last one. It's finally over.
Most likely to say: Are you seated or standing?

Though this season was the first time I decided not to attend simply due to work commitments and having two press events in the coming weeks it just didn’t make it possible ( February 2014 I will be there!)