Saturday, 10 August 2013

Feeling a little Coco...

With Summer in full swing sunglasses are on the top of many peoples accessories list. Whether it is Aviators, Jackie-O's or those Prada cat eye style with roses all over... you are usually spoilt for choice on the high street of options that suit any budget.Though my challenge last week was not to add another pair of sunglasses to my ever growing collection, it was to purchase a new pair of glasses.
Anyone who wears glasses full time will understand the importance in finding something you are comfortable with and actually like. I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old, so this time round I tried on at least 20 pairs looking for the ultimate 'me' pair and this time I chose a pair that I felt suited me and wouldn't go out of fashion to quickly (I realised that tortoiseshell rimmed frames make me look like a primary school teacher and about 35).I found out you really need patience!

The glasses I finally went with are the beautiful Chanel pair that you see below.... they are just gorgeous and thanks to the lovely team at Vision Express I was able to leave the store are really happy and non-stressed customer.

If you are looking for glasses take a look at Vision Express's glasses guide. Whether you have a round, triangle or rectangular face - there will always be a frame out there for you. Also in the same way you choose coloured clothes to suit your skin tone and hair colour- glasses are just as important as a good pair of heels!

Hope you like them :)