Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Four weeks to go and I have a bit of support...

Just after Christmas I was determined to not let my ‘keep fit’ regime die after only a few weeks and stay focused on getting fighting fit and healthy by my summer vacation (and if I can fit back into my size 10 jeans that would be a bonus!).

What’s more a few weeks ago I got talking to the lovely ladies at Shock Absorber UK who told me (quite rightly) that I was indeed wearing a crap sports bra brand and said they would deck me out in the latest gym bra to see if it made a difference to my work out. In addition to this they told be to chuck out my high impact club anthems and have a go at 10 songs they suggested that are supposed to help you work at the right pace. These tracks were tested and compiled by global music and exercise expert Dr Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University who said music can ’bring about significant improvements in both exercise performance and how we feel’ and that roughly 130-135bpm is the best speed to work out to. So I thought bring on the challenge, to see if this bra really lived up to its name of being ‘ultimate’.

The Top 10 Workout Track List they provided me with included:
1. Call My Name, Cheryl (128 bpm)
2. We Found Love, Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris (129 bpm)
3. Both of Us, B.o.Bft. Taylor Swift (129 bpm)
4. Titanium, David Guetta featuring Sia (126 bpm)
5. Levels, AviCii (127 bpm)
6. Domino, Jessie J (127 bpm)
7. Let Me Love You, Ne-Yo (127 bpm)
8. Spectrum (Say My Name, Calvin Harris Remiz), Florence and the Machine (126 bpm)
9. Don’t Wake Up, Chris Brown (128 bpm)
10. Good Time, Owl City & Carly Rae-Jepsen (135 bpm)


Since then I have attended 8 Body Combat classes, 5 Yoga classes, 4 Body pump session 4 Zumba classes and ran about 20k (not all at once though) and have tested this bra in every situation and I can say it is bloody good - designed to provide support and comfort for a wide host of activities, this bra has proved to hold up to both hi-impact classes and relaxation classes like yoga. I have to say I am converted!

How did you get on with the tracks? I hear you say - well I enjoyed the Calvin Harris tracks though by the second time of listening to Domino I wanted to throw my Ipod out of the window. So lets just say most of the songs only lasted two sessions. So in terms of my goal timeline I am 4lbs down and have 4 weeks to go till the wedding - will let you know how I get on though in the meantime I have my Shock Absorber as my support.