Monday, 7 January 2013

Eight weeks and counting...

I tend to find with the first week back at work after the Winter break is the starvation month. Every where I turn all the women are on some fad-diet or another and are living off salads and fruit - whist shunning the hand made cupcakes and cookies that were brought in by the PA for us to lovingly eat. As someone that loves her food and can not live off air I was strongly against starving myself to get back into my size 10 jeans.

Christmas is the time for a little indulgence and to enjoy yourself, so punishing yourself when you come back to work won’t benefit in the long run and coping on a model diet of cigarettes, diet coke and apples won’t help you either obtain or maintain that honed body you are after.

My view (not that I am an expert) it is to simply cut out the crap… just think before I eat, think of portion size and only eat when hungry and stop when full. Along with this (I need a simple but not a crippling diet) I am doing Yoga and Zumba… one for relaxation and one for fun! In addition to this I am picking my running again and heading out to run the 5K around the lake near my flat.

The motivation behind this 2013 resolution is my big brother is getting married and I am bridesmaid, which is a great incentive to drop the access pounds and feel healthy… which to be honest is the main thing!

Will keep you updated with progress!

What are your goals for 2013?