Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Black and leather...

Mid week and already my new fitness schedule is becoming gruelling. Two weeks in and I am having to get my head down and just power through the aches and pain. Though tonight is Yoga so I am happy not to be running again!

On a separate note today’s outfit consisted of my skinny black trousers (Zara), Marc Jacobs bag, grey and Black thin knit jumper (also Zara!) with suede ankle boots and my new River Island coat. Down from £80 to £40 in the sale!

I had to dress smart to day as I had a big meeting with the jewellery trading team! Though I absolutely loved this coat as it has a slightly masculine feel and was really similar to a Zara (yes, I like Zara) one I had my eye on before Christmas… but at a fraction of the price!

What are your sale purchases? Did you bag a bargain?