Sunday, 18 November 2012

Tiger jumper and bling...

This weekend was one of the busiest for a while, mums birthday, meeting up with an old friend for dinner and general life admin that meant I was literally going from event to event with no time to down tools. Until now that is (currently sat here with a big cup of tea on my squishy sofa with my UGGs on)bliss.
I wanted to share yesterdays outfit as it is one of my new favourites as it is comfy but fun.With changing my jobs I have also had to change my wardrobe and be a little more 'corporate' so no trainers or jeans are allowed. So as you can tell when the weekend comes - out come the converse.
The jumper is a new addition from Zara, Jeans are Topshop, necklace is H&M, Jacket is Zara and the hat is River Island.