Monday, 15 October 2012

Packing away my wardrobe...

Having just moved out of my shared house in London and into my new one bedroom apartment in the suburbs, I was hoping that with the move would come a bigger wardrobe and an abundance of storage space for my ever expanding collection of clothes... though like Londoners and women around the country I have found myself in dire need of closet space.

Walking around IKEA this weekend only filled me with sadness. As I ended up with Nik having to pull me away from the 'Carrie Bradshaw-esc' deluxe wardrobes that I knew would fix my dilemma, though would never fit in my new apartment (unless I got rid of my bed).

After pondering my options I realised that no amount of gadgets and IKEA shelf dividers would give me the walk in wardrobe my heart desires.

After much consideration I have come to the conclusion (and also now the weather has changed) to keep my off-season clothing bagged, hidden, and stored away till the spring next year. Thus giving me more rail space!

Though in doing this I unpacked my winter wardrobe ( including my coats and knitted jumpers) and sadly realised that keeping these items packed away for months, can sometimes result in a rather unpleasant, musty smell. Not great if you want to wear them straight away!

However this time round packing up my summer wardrobe I will be ensuring they smell fresh and lovely, by putting them in an air tight bag and adding a small bag of lavender.. resulting in no nasty smells when spring comes!! though I know it will be a longer till I can have the Carrie wardrobe...