Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Life changes...

Yes, I have been naughty and not given my darling blog love over the last month though I feel that my excuses justify my lack of posts.

First of all I have moved out of London... yes I know.... I can hear cries of 'Why would you move out of the most exciting, amazing city in the world!???'. The answer is I was looking for a better work/life balance, also I felt I had got to a stage in my life (the grand old age of 28) that I felt I needed a ''time out and a chance to explore what I really wanted to do.

Though there was a slight tear in the eye on packing day (not sure how I would have managed the move without the boyfriend's help) my life has been boxed up out of North London and I am now back in the 'Shire' and living in my parents attic room (what dreams are made of!)

The next month or so there will be more changes, though what I do know, is the Stylista and the Frog is staying put and I will be continuing my posts on Street Style, trends, accessories and much more... so please stay with me for the new adventure.