Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My handbag needs a detox...

There comes that day every month (this was this morning for me) where I am usually standing in a queue to top up my Oyster card and balancing a phone under my ear, trying to find my wallet in my tote bag and wondering what is all the crap in my bag that is making this simple task difficult. I then find myself going 'Lex you really need to clean your bag out!'

When I think about it a woman's handbag holds her life and her connection to the outside world. We carry everything from gum to lipstick, as well as our phones, keys, paperwork.. the list is endless. Though with this treasure trove of items comes all sorts of debris: dirt, crumbs, gum wrappers, the odd discarded set of fake eyelashes and one earing from a pair… In bags like mine all my contents congregates to the bottom, resulting in debris-encrusted fingertips upon every reach in and leaving me having a stress filled 5minutes at the Oystercard machine!

So to save yourself the stress as I felt this morning and finding your favourite necklace entangled in your keys, get you bag organised:

Empty your contents of your bag over a wipe-able surface - not your bed as either your broken bronzer pallet will go over your covers... and don't do it over a bin - tempting! but the likelihood is something important will drop in and you will loose something you wanted to keep!

Clean your bag with an antibacterial wipes - making sure the inside pockets, as well as the bottom of your bag and the strap. Germs can live just about anywhere! Though if your bag is a soft leather or canvas don't use a wipe use a dampened cloth (as some wipes have bleach in them!)

Also if you just have crumbs and dirt in your bag... sticky tape works wonders!

Make sure to go through loose papers and receipts and toss what you don’t need - though keep those receipts that mean you can take those pair of heels you aren't sure go with that yellow dress.

After just detoxing my bag I feel that my next trip to top up my Oystercard won't end is disaster!