Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This Friday's Pay Day Purchase...

As this Friday approaches with that 'thank god for the weekend' feeling, so does the monthly 'yay' moment that it is Pay-day (hopefully you to will be welcoming this too!).

With my recent holiday to Portugal (hence the lack of posts over the last few weeks) This months wages have been spent on paying for the holiday and all the prep work that went into it... the Whistles Bikini was a a key piece, and the two pairs of Ray-Bans were a must. Though this month I must be a little more tactile in my spending.

This month I have a short list of accessories that are going to be joining my ever expanding wardrobe:

ASOS AW12 Brooch Statement Necklace, £60 will look great with my silk black vest

Office Nighthawk stud black leather £80.00 these are going to be my winter staple shoe!

And lastly this little evening clutch from Zara coming in at £19.99, bargin and will be a fantastic little bag with my pastel blue Oasis dress
Bring on Friday!