Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Street style that caught my eye: green cardie and skinny jeans...

I think many of my recent post have made some reference to the weather, slightly sad and slightly English though it has been so unpredictable at the moment I have had no idea on what to wear as one minute it is 30 degrees next minute 10 degress with wind and rain. you cant win!

However it is not all doom and gloom, as the outfits I have been spotting from the British ladies recently has really given off an 'Whatever the weather, I will not look like poo'. One outfit I really liked was this lady who was sat next to me on the tude (well like 2 minutes after this photo was taken). Love her outfit as it was just effortless and the cardie was such a good colour for her!

I am thinking that this sort of cardie is the way to go? though it is a little bit like it is rather large for her it looks very cute. What do you think of her outfit? What would you change?