Monday, 28 May 2012

Seeing in summer with.... crop tops

After a week of being caught down with a horrendous cold last week and being in bed sick for a couple of days, I was very much looking forward to getting out into the beautiful sunshine this weekend and just soak up the rays without a care in the world.
However when it came to heading out into the 28degree heat, I actually became slightly unsure about what to wear. This is the first time this has happened in a long time and of course if I was sunning myself by a pool I would be fine in picking an outfit... but shopping in sticky sweaty central London... total mind blank.
It took me a while to work out why my usual attitude to clothes had abandoned me. In which I came to the conclusion it was one of two things a) the Christmas weight was hanging a round a little longer than it should or b) Some of the dire trend that are out on the high-street.. thinking about these two options a little bit more deeper I was guessing that it was a little of both.
I would say I am a pretty confident person and feel usually very competent in picking an outfit that suits my shape, style and most importantly my age. Indeed I, like many other women have dabbled with the odd detox to get into those jeans or the 'little black dress diet' before the Christmas party, but for majority of the time I have been happy with my shape. That is until I saw this summers leading trend... crop tops. As I was out at the weekend they surrounded me in abundance as I went in every shop... Topshop was full of girls wearing them. Unless you are a size 6/8 with a model figure they are not designed to look good!

So my conclusion after I had found my perfect summers outfit ( a pleated lemon yellow skirt and lace peter-pan collar vest top), was that no way was I going to let crop tops make me feel bad about what size I am and as a healthy size 12, I am going to stick to my pleated skits and girls curvey dress and see in the summer looking chic and classy.. without my belly and boobs out in a top with little material!