Monday, 2 April 2012

Street Style: they call me mellow yellow...

Out of all of the shades that will be prominent this summer, yellow is the shade I am most looking forward to wearing.

Whether it is a soft pastel shade,bold canary or that bright acid yellow (sunglasses are compulsory) everyone can wear this colour no matter what their hair colour or skin tone. On a personal level I look best in a soft pastel lemon yellow as I am quite far skin, though Lucy my old house-mate could get away with shades of yellow that were a bit garish, due to her olive complexion. Though as a primary colour (this takes me back to art class) it is surprising how many colours yellow can go purple, navy blue, green. even though it 'technically isn't a colour,white always goes beautifully with yellow.. though black on the other hand can be a hit or miss... bumble bee jokes may be made at your expense.

I will of course post up my yellow outfits as when they are worn (praying for the weather to get better before I get my legs out, though I think I will be sticking to accents of the colour in my outfits, not over kill.... as the worse thing really would be to look like big bird!