Monday, 23 April 2012

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN: comes to London's design museum

On the 1st May (a week on Tuesday)I will be a busy bee as I have a big event for IKEA happening in the morning that I am running so am having to knuckle down and make sure it goes without a hitch. Though the other reason this date is marked in my diary is that it is the launch of HRH shoe guru, Christian Louboutin's exhibition at the Design Museum in London. To celebrate the iconic French shoe designer's 20th year, Christian Louboutin will be showcasing his work and career journey,in an exquisite exhibition that will examine the many sources of his creativity.... shoes inspired by performance; cabaret and the showgirl; fantasy and fairy tale; art and architecture; film; landscape and travel. The exhibition will also focus on the handcrafted shoe, one-off designs which incorporate his highly innovative ideas, forms and materials. There will be a special section dedicated to the shoes designed for ‘Fetish’ an exhibition at the La Gallerie Du Passage, Paris in 2007, a unique collaboration of photography between Louboutin and acclaimed artist David Lynch.
One part that I think will be magical in the exhibition will be the areas that show his unique design process, taking visitors through every stage of the design journey, revealing how a shoe is constructed, from the initial drawing and first prototype through to production in the factory. Which will be really interesting to see. Personally I cant wait to see this exhibition and have been waiting for it to open since last summer when it was announced. I will be attending the exhibition of course (maybe a couple of times) during its run from 1st May-9th July. For more information on the range or to book tickets go to the Design Museum's website. Have a good Monday!