Monday, 19 March 2012

When in Paris..

Paris has to be one of my all time favourite cities, the food, the wine, the culture, the architecture and the interesting people you meet. Many of my friends have travelled to Paris with their partners to experience the romantic side of the city and I would totally agree that Paris is the place to go to be whisked off your feet by a boy (mental note.. must get a trip to Paris with the boy). However one thing that has always grabbed me about Paris is the way the women dress. You know the women I am talking about. Beautiful tailoring, perfect styled hair and minimal make up.. the word 'chic' was defiantly a descriptive word of the Parisian women.

In the last week photos emerged of a Miss Olivia Palermo (yes her again)and her stunningly handsome boyfriend Johannes Huebl walking through Paris together for a photo shoot.

I'm sure many women saw a little of the green eyed monster when they saw the photos.. personally I thought 'ooooooohhhhh I like her dress... Maybe I can get Nik in a suit and skinny black tie?'. Sad, yes I know, though Olivia doesn't get it wrong and from the below photos that were taken for this New Yorker certainly gave the women of Paris some competition.