Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunshine in London..

Last weekend saw London hit by the most glorious weather it has seen in what seems like forever. Sunshine pored over the city, with us North Londoners making a b-line for Hampstead Heath to soak up beautiful rays while they lasted.

Though the weather is gradually making its way into summer (as I sit writing this in Starbucks it is pissing it down outside)the UK's unpredictable weather forecast is playing havoc on my wardrobe choices.. is it going to be cold? can I wear my suede shoes or is it going to rain?.. I am slightly struggling. But it isn't all doom and gloom on outfit choices..

I have a trip to Wales next weekend 3 days of remote wilderness with the boy, his jack russel, home cooking, red wine, walking on the beach and log fires in a technically it is practical clothing all the way! Hunter wellies and the Barbour might come in handy.. though going to refrain from the pearl earrings... might be a bit too OTT for the local.