Thursday, 16 February 2012

Preping for LFW... don't get stressed

The day before London Fashion Week most of us are in one of three likely mind sets. 1) chilled out, all organised, not a worry in the world 2)semi organised, bit anxious, got a rough idea of what they are going to wear. Though more than likely it's option 3)stressed, worried about making all the shows you are booked into, not a clue what to wear as you favourite jacket is at the dry cleaner and wondering that you might need a holiday after five days of hectic rushing around!... first of all just breathe!!

As blogging is not my main job and I work for London based PR agency that can be very full on. I took a different route this Fashion Week and took the day before (today) off work so I could make sure I was all prepared, groomed(nails, hair etc, outfit choices ready, business cards ect so taking as much of the stress out of an experience as possible.. as technically this is four of my holiday days being used up! So today is just about taking time out and pulling together outfits for the next few days and having some fun with items that I might not always think to pair together.

I will be blogging my looks as well as on what people are wearing on the streets to fashion week (always the bit I find really intriguing) and of course on shows I have enjoyed, been up close with or even backstage (still working on that!).. but with my trusty camera by my side and a big Starbucks to get me through..I will be fine.

I wanted to share the below clip that the lovely ladies at GRAZIA produced with the stylish Olivia Palermo. really made me excited to see their GRAZIA Goes Live edition out on the 21st Feb!