Sunday, 26 February 2012

Did Claire's Accessories rip off Tatty Devine?....

One thing that has really got my goat this week was that high street chain Claire’s Accessories are currently selling jewellery that is all-but-identical to that of British jewellery brand Tatty Devine. As a big fan of Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine unique perspex designs it made me really sad to see Claire’s lack of imagination and plagiarism of Tatty's designs , manufacturing them in China and selling them cheaply in their stores, not only takes sales away from Tatty Devine, but also damages their brand.

Left: Tatty Devine Right: Claire's Accessories

Though there has been an abundance of complaints on Tatty Devine's blog and across the social networking community, Claire’s Accessories have apparently ignored all communication from the Tatty Devine team and deleting all comments on their Facebook page from angry Tatty Devine fans, before blocking the posters. Also Twitter is also full of pissed off customers and fans, but Claire’s are not responding to tweets!

As a PR who deals with big brands and their social media channels I am very familier with the correct protocol in dealing with these types of 'setbacks' and 'how not to piss off your customers'. I genuinely feel it is a huge oversight by a Claire's in how they are dealing with the situation.. and literally sweeping the issue under the carpet. They should be acknowledging they customers enquiries... or at least make a statement!! Bad Claire's Accessories you need to apologise to Rosie and Harriet and get those cheap knock off's off the shelves.

Sunday rant over