Thursday, 5 January 2012 need to feel blue

As January roles in many people (especially myself on a Monday morning) have a habit of being a bit doom and gloom and fear the 7am wake up call and not seeing daylight during the working hours of the day. Also supposedly January the 23rd is going to be the gloomiest day hence the name Blue Monday.

Though instead of joining everyone on being completly depressing I thought I would share with you my new feature, which is going to happen at the beginning of every month and it is my Going up, Going down post. So here goes....

Wooly hats - It is still too cold to let our ears be open to the harsh January winds and red ears aren't sexy!
Chunky gold bracelets - The Mulberry Tillie Cuff still on my wish list and will still be a good statement piece in Spring
Sexy sportswear - love that the likes of Stella McCartney for Addidas and Gap launching new GapFit next week.. getting sweaty and fit has never looked so good
Kitty Slippers - Charlotte Olympia's Kitty Slippers are both cute stylish - plus the likes of Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung have been rocking them with skinny trousers
Pleated Maxi skirts - yay our Whistles Carrie Skirt can be used again! also you can pick up a lovely plumb coloured one from Marks and Spencer for only £39.50

Cape's - sorry it might be a good cover-up item, though nope not a flattering item and in January weather you may look more like Batman with a cape!
Having your legs out - come on it is below 10degrees....what would your mum say?
Cropped tops - unless you are very slim, under 16, have wash-board abs don't go there
Chain link hand bling - though very cool I can't type so not a good option for work
Sale shopping - though you may get a good bargain it can damage your bank balance and with five weeks till payday watch out on buying that Miu Miu bag.