Saturday, 31 December 2011

Favourite posts of 2011...

As I sit here writing this post with only a few hours till it is officially 2012 it makes me want to look back over the last year (The Stylista and the Frog will celebrate its first birthday in January). I wanted to share with you my favourite posts of 2011:

Power dressing in a woman's world

My dear friend Lucy rocking her waistcoat and suit trousers

I should Coco!

Loved this jumper by LauraLaura still one of my favourite items in my wardrobe

Oh statement necklace I think I love you

Olivia Palermo has a stunning amount of Statement necklaces in her collection.

Saturday brings a bit of colour

This was an outfit this year that I loved wearing, just cause of the colour!

Have a lovely evening whether you are with family, out with friends or in with a loved one. See you in 2012!