Monday, 12 September 2011

The de-clutter of the wardrobe...

Those following my twitter feed will have recently seen that a week ago I moved house. Though I moved to a larger property my closet space has considerably decreased. As London Fashion Week is almost upon us I thought it was a great opportunity to de-clutter my very large collection of shoes, handbags, clothes and jewellery. For those that have never really attemped to do this the task can often appear a bit overwhelming and the idea of it taking a couple hours seems like an impossible task but it can be done.

Here are my tips for getting your wardrobe back in order:

Set aside some time, and get some boxes and some friends if needed! Depending on the size of the task you may need a friend to help ( hopefully someone who can help you be a little ruthless with clothes), you will also need black bin bags and boxes!

Take everything out, empty it into a pile. All of it. My trick is to chuck everything on the bed in one big pile. Then clean inside your wardrobe – you don’t want you clothes going into a dirty closet!

Ruthlessly sort into 3 piles (this is where your friend comes in!) Do not dilly dally, or sit on the fence. Here are the choices: keep, toss, or maybe. The maybe is only if you really really have a hard time deciding — you’ll put these in a box and store them for 6 months, getting rid of them after that time if you never needed them. The keep pile is for stuff you really love and actually use — if you haven’t used it for 6 months, put it in the toss pile or it would be 12 months for seasonal clothes (such as winter coats). If you have trouble getting rid of things for sentimental or other emotional reasons this is where your friend will come in handy!

Deal with the piles the toss pile doesn’t actually mean toss if it isn’t stained, ripped or broken it can be given to charity ( or if it is a nice piece it can go to a nearly new store and you might get some money for it!) the maybe pile, which should be small, needs to be put into a box and stored for 6months if you haven’t worn it in that time... then out it goes!

Put back in order it seems logical, but place your items back in a way that means you can pull together an outfit quickly and efficiently. Whether you section your cardigans, trousers, dresses together or do it by colour.. it is what ever work for you. Now... breathe, enjoy and bask in the glory of your beautiful new minimalist closet. and just admire. So minimalist, so pure. So lovely!