Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day two at LFW S/S'12: Ashish...

The Ashish S/S'12 was a mix of punk Camden cool (evident in the Dr Martiens boots, grungy make up and hair) to a mix of flowers from Kew Gardens with an strong use of sunflowers, poppies, lilies and rosebuds dotted across backgrounds of black and white animal prints. It was a very fun collection and for some reason had a slightly scarecrow look it , with the straw hats and flowers coming out of the DM boots!

The collection showed maxi dresses with slits up to the thigh, brickwork patterned tunic vest tops, loose fitting jackets and gorgeous sequinned striped shorts, that were very very cute. There was a lot in the collection that was very wearable and with the strong influence of Van-Gogh throughout it was clear that even though this was an inspiration for the collection Ashish's had brought a sense of fun to the S/S'12 collection and left the darker side of Van Gogh in the galleries.