Tuesday, 30 August 2011

When Lexie met Alexander at Reading...

Having just arrived back from Reading Festival yesterday I am in still a trance like state as I haven’t had a day off from work in roughly three weeks and very little sleep it has taken me a little bit of time to collate the posts from VFestival (1week ago) and Reading festival this weekend . As I pull these posts together I thought I would share with you scarf that I spotted a girl wearing while watching Muse on Sunday night that I thought you would love ( plus I spotted it a mile away with its legendary pattern) it was the new Alexander McQueen scarf. God knows how this girl got it though instinctively I wanted to climb over the crowd to get a closer look though for you that haven’t seen it here it is... at £290 it is one of his more expensive scarves!

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN EXCLUSIVE MULTI-SKULL SCARF - created exclusively to commemorate Alexander McQueen: savage beauty, the exhibition organized by the metropolitan museum's costume institute in new york. silk chiffon scarf featuring seasonal skulls from previous collections.

It is just soooooo beautiful!....stay tuned for my festival posts to come soon!