Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Give me Vogue...

One of my favourite things to do at the beginning of every month is to get in all the fashion mags. Whilst I do love the fashion and lifestyle features of magazines like Glamour, Grazia and immerse myself in all new media channels ( I am a PR I have to do this for my job too!), my guilty pleasure is to spend my hard earn wages on my two favourite magazines ELLE and VOGUE. No matter what my financial situation I will buy both and engross myself in reading them (usually whilst in a big bubble bath with a large glass of red wine). This is what I imagine I look like!
I personally love flicking through a magazine, and even with digital media changing a lot of how we receive news and content I will forever remain a faithful follower of print magazines.

I thought I would share with you below some of the beautiful photography that I have in my house that inspires me every day with the way I pull an outfit together and gives me the push to be a little controversial and risky with my choices.

Do you have a favourite magazine?