Saturday, 14 May 2011

Star Style: Blake Lively

This all American girl makes me slightly jealous every time I see her on the red carpet or when I sit back to watch Gossip Girl. With long sufer-girl blond locks and legs as long and lean as any catwalk model, Blake has sky rocketed for a slightly tom-boy style dressing when she first started acting in her teens to being the new face of Chanel (Karl Largerfield adores her).
As anyone whom has seen Gossip girl will agree, the wardrobe selection that Blake is kitted out in for each episode could easily best the creations worn for Sex and the City. With a wide selection of designers putting their creations forward for the cast to wear it is no wonder that Blake's love of fashion has grown over time.
She doesn’t mind taking a risky gamble on a colour, or indeed showing a bit of leg ( if I had those legs I would show them off too) on the red carpet.
Off the red carpet she does try and keep it quite low key, often wearing flats and opting for shorts,jeans or light dresses in the summer.

I think the aspect of Blake that people like when the look at her for style advice is how effortlessly pretty she looks. Blake isn’t fussy and tries to keep things quite simple. For instance on the red carpet she tends to let her dress do the talking and keeps hair and make up quite simple and she isnt someone that over accessorise.
The inspiration to take away from her look is this idea of letting your clothes do the talking. Being groomed, whether that be your skin, glossy hair, smooth legs and of course a good smile.. Blake is one of the best at the Hollywood smile!