Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Stylista and the Frog makes a bet on the Royal wedding...

Every month I have a Chinese, beer and poker night with the girls from back home where we gather round a table for a few hours to gossip, bitch, laugh and moan about everything from work and boyfriends to Charlaine's ever growing wardrobe full of new clothes! As I am pretty good at Texas Holden poker now these nights are also a night to win a little bit extra towards the new Kurt Guiger shoes I have been eyeing up. So it is far to say I like to place the occasional bet and this is where the royal wedding comes in!
Even though I live in the heart of London and am surrounded daily by the preparations for the Royal wedding. I have tried to not get too wrapped up in the fiasco that has been 'what will Kate Middleton's dress be like?' and who will have designed it? Every fashion writer, blogger, presenter.. even my mum has commented on which designer they think she will wear. Endless names have cropped up including Alexander McQueen, Alice Temperley and old-school designer Bruce Oldfield, but nobody seems to be 100% sure.

I thought as it is the day before the wedding I would but a small bet on at the bookies as well as predicting on my blog a few other little things:

-I believe Kate will have vintage earrings and necklace that have been let to her by an other royal (not Diana's) and wear a tiara given to her by the Queen (that was worn both by the Queen Mother, Princess Anne and the Queen herself when they were married).
-Kate will have her hair up in a low bun type hair do with a side parting
-I think her dress will have lace on the top of her dress though plain at the top. I think that the dress will be classic and be fitted to her slimline figure but with a longish train to it (though the bridesmaids are wearing Alice Temperley so may be completely wrong)
-The last thing is (and I have a £10 on this) I believe the designer will be society dress maker Phillipa Lepley.

Will report tomorrow on how my predictions turn out! Below are some looks that I think she may go for......Any last minute thoughts on what Kate's dress will look like?