Thursday, 7 April 2011

Star Style: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

From being told I look like Ellie Goulding a few weeks ago, it seems that the tables have turned and I am now resembling Ashley Olsen. I think this is mainly due to the fact I have the same long blond messy looking hair (thinking of dying it brown after this). However I thought it would be interesting to look at both hers and Mary- Kate's current style for The Stylista and the Frog.
Starting out as fresh faced little girls who took turns to play the adorable Michelle Tanner in sitcom Full House in the 90's, Mary-Kate and Ashley have become an American institution. Growing up with their faces on lunch boxes,pencil cases, fronting TV shows and a tween fashion line the girls stepped up their empire by an notch when they hit 18 to then being on the front row of Fashion Week, their own adult fashion brand (The Row) and classing Karl Largerfield as a close friend.

When you look at the style of the twins, neither is rarely seen without oversize sunglasses and a large tote bag, giving off a slightly grungy look. Often regarded by many in the fashion industry as having a 'trashy-chic' sense of style and going for that 'just got out of bed' hair it has always put them in the fashion pages. Mary-Kate was named a 'style icon' by the New York Times for her love of mixing expensive couture clothing with charity shop finds, though many over this side of the pond are still not sure of her style (including me).
Ashley on the other hand tends to dress slightly safer and a little more mainstream, sticking to skinny fit trousers and over sized tops, then rocking the red carpet in a vintage number. It is safe but still remains quite classy.
I personally think both girls do understand style (though I think there have been occasions where they do literally look like a cat dragged through a hedge backwards due to the lack of a hairbrush) and I do think they’re inspiring in the way they dress and pull an outfit together. Both girls show how to mix designer with vintage and also how to play with styles from different eras. They seem to experiment and have fun with their clothes which is what I feel is important when shopping... and good on the Olsens for embracing that quality!

Do you like the Olson's style? Are you influenced by the way they dress? Are they forward thinkers? Do you think they are style icons?

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