Monday, 18 April 2011

Illustration inspiration..

For those that have followed Stylista and the Frog you may have seen in the last couple of weeks a change to the banner of the blog. This is all down to the very talented Dee Andrews. Having previously studied Fine Art, Dee has just finished a 3year degree in Fashion Illustration (have a feeling she is relieved her final project is over as she has worked her socks off). As well as studying hard and assisting the likes of myself, she has worked for London Designer Elizabeth Lau, knitwear brand Upper 5th, illustrated for Amelia's Magazine and Sketchbook Magazine. Her work looks effortless though there is clear detail and skill in her use of watercolours and pencil work. I wanted to share some of her work with you, as it has inspired me to pick up my sketching pad again and go back to my roots of fashion design and illustration that I left back in my teens. I'm sure you will agree, that Dee is a very talented lady and will go along way. what do you think of her work?

To find out more about Dee and her work go to