Monday, 21 March 2011

Star Style:Ellie Goulding

This week (on two occasions) I have been told that I look like Ellie Goulding (have a feeling that it is because we have similar long blond hair), but of course I was very flattered as she is pretty and has a great sense of style. Looking at images taken of her over the last year since she was named the Brits Newcomer in 2010, she really came out of her shell and really embraced her style (though I feel at times, like all celebrities she may have had the help of a stylist). She looked wonderful recently when she arrived at the Burberry show at London Fashion week, wearing a studded cream Burberry Jacket, looking chic and sophisticated, it really complemented her skin tone. Often seen as a little bit tom-boyish, Ellie is never seen without her skinny jeans and little boxed jackets, though always adding something to her look to spice it up, whether it be a gold Chanel pendant necklace or adding some delicate gold bangles. When interviewed by Grazia earlier this month she said ' When I was younger, I had my lip pierced and I had black hair so I like gothic crosses and grungy leather. But sometimes, I want to be girlie so I go for florals and pink. Maybe I've rebelled from my grunge phase and just want to be a Barbie now! Because one side of me wants to be this sophisticated London girl and the other side wants to be rebellious, especially on stage when I like the idea of being a rock star'. Ellie has said that she loves the style of people like Chloe Sevigny, Sienna Miller and quirky new comer Nicky Minaj, which can be seen through the outfits she picks out, showing essences of each of her idols style. Picking key pieces from the likes of Burberry, Acne, Temperly, Urban Outfitters and Vivianne Westwood, whom she wore to this years Brit Awards. It is clear that Ellie is really lovely having designers wish to dress her and let her develop her style. As I have said many times before on Stylista and the frog I really like people who make style look effortless and plays around with look, and I feel we have only seen the start of it with Ellie and I am sure we will be seeing her front row at LFW S/S'12 .

What do you think of her style? Any thoughts?