Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Classic Trench...

What comes in March/April time is that pinnacle moment when you are staring at your trusty winter coat and saying 'sorry it is over, a lighter coat is needed'. As my favorite fur coat and warm military jacket are wrapped up and push to the back of the closet (I swear I hear them getting upset), my lighter jackets make their way forward and I get excited that I now have new options available for any occasion.

I am a lover of the blazer, biker jacket and a khaki mac for spring but the one coat I feel is a winner in a time where rain is still a likelihood, is my trench coat. There is something kind of sexy about the trench and the way it can make you feel very feminine and chic.. kind of like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany. Whether you are someone that likes a sturdy double breasted jacket (which can add a bit of bulk to a slim torso) or a fan of the single-breasted style (which in many cases can lengthen the torso), its great that there is a trench out there to suit all shapes. If you are petite but the trench is too long and falls below the knee, buy it and go to a tailor and have it turned up..simple! Also, having a belt on a trench is a god send and can create great great curves by nipping in the waist. Whether you go for classic navy, camel, stone, black or light brown just make sure to take into consideration your skin tone when picking the right colour for you ( I can't wear grey or stone as it really washes me out). However with the rain still with us but the weather going up by a few degrees, trenches remain a practical, flattering, smart, chic, and versatile coat for the spring. Try Zara, Topshop,though if you do have the budget nothing beats Burberry.