Monday, 28 February 2011

Style Blogger interview: Meet Kristabel....

I always love talking to people in the fashion industry about what inspires them with their style and the outfit choices they make. One person that I think has great style is student blogger Kristabel who runs fashion blog I Want You To Know. With a love of mixing up looks and visiting NYC as much as she can, this girl knows how to make an outfit look well put together, effortless and chic. I got to ask her some questions about her style for The Stylista and the Frog... and hear was what she had to say.

Hey Kristabel, can I ask.. How would you define your style? I would describe it as an eclectic mixture of all the things I like, I’m too indecisive to tie myself down to anything in particular so I like to experiment and express my personality through what I wear.

What would you say is your must have item for someone to have in their wardrobe?I think that most people can pull off a full skirt, whether it’s long or short, patterned or solid. There’s so many combinations depending on what top, shirt or even the dress you tuck into it.

Many women have an outfit that just makes them feel wonderful when they wear it, for some it is a special pair of shoes for others it is a vintage cocktail dress. What is your favourite outfit to wear?I’m going to go for pieces. ... I love my striped Motel skater dress, it’s cut really nicely and always flatters. My Jeffrey Campbell, Alexa wedges are really comfortable and surprisingly practical, even though they are 5 inches high.  My Topshop leather biker jacket is also a favourite as it’s now perfectly worn in, but my Barbour style jacket is a close second.

What are your favourite high street brands at the moment? and why?Topshop and Asos, though I’m under strict orders not to buy from either!  I think that Topshop delivers the right trends at the right time, and although it can be seen as pricey, it tends to inspire other brands on the high street and lead the fashion pack.  Asos hand picks amazing brands and makes them easy and accessible to buy, plus their sales are legendary and never stress me out!

Who and what inspires your outfits?I am inspired by the need to try new garments and combinations and to make the most of what I already have.  I like to try and make something look different each time I wear it, some great examples are The Clothes Horse, Style Bubble and Save our Shoes.

Do you prefer online shopping to going out onto the high street?I think I might like the High Street more if it was just me shopping there! I can often find store environments stressful and I do slightly prefer sitting at home and weighing up options on the internet.  I find the more relaxed settings of flea markets and concept stores more inviting, as the aim isn’t always to come home with something new but to enjoy the experience and see what’s out there.

Do designers influence how you dress? If so who and Why?
I’m not really sure if it filters down to the way I dress, but I always look forward to seeing what Rodarte,  Charles Anastase and Proenza Schouler are doing. I love to see how designers grow each season and these examples have developed in the most fascinating ways.

What trends are you looking forward to trying out in 2011?I really want to fully embrace the crazy knitwear trend, as I don’t yet seem to have found my key item as yet.  I’m looking out for the perfect Fairisle or Intarsia jumper.

What do you think makes some worthy of being a style icon?I really like people who are a bit offbeat and do their own thing.  They’re not trying to conform to conventional notions of how to dress and flatter but prefer to express themselves and have a bit of fun.

Last question....If you could offer one piece of advise to someone who is struggling to find their own style, what would it be?I think that by trying things, taking risks and making mistakes, we can find out what is really right for us.  I would suggest scouring a few blogs and create a few folders of the things you like and think how you can translate this into your own look and personality.

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