Sunday, 30 January 2011

The model that is Chanel Iman

One model that has appeared in an endless amount of magazine, catwalk shows and ad campaigns over the last six years is the stylish Chanel Iman. Loved by designers and photographers around the world for her long, lean figure and striking, but beautiful features. Chanel has graced the covers of the likes of Vogue, iD, Harpers Bazaar and many more, continuing to show clothes and accessories off to their full potential. Her figure and long legs make tailored clothes appear feminine, as well as her natural ability to express a rebellious 'whatever' attitude when photographed, which has helped her remain in the spotlight as the model that every designer wants in their campaign.

Though I am 100% sure she looks good in anything (even just in T-shirt and jeans), but Chanel manages to look beautifully stylish and classy in all her outfit choices, not just in front of the lens or down the catwalk. I think it is great how she has fun with accessories and jewellery and just really enjoys what she does and the clothes she gets to wear. This is import when enjoying fashion... to have fun with what you wear... try something new, that may not be your usual style.... I have a feeling this is why she is smiling in every photo taken of her. What do you think of Chanel's style? Do you think she just is a clothes horse? Or do you think she has a unique style about the way she dresses? Thoughts please!