Friday, 28 January 2011

I Should Coco!

I wanted to write this post as I am someone that believes that quite a lot of the time, good things come to those who wait and for me it came in the form of a beautiful jumper.

About a year ago I saw a girl getting off the tube wearing a jumper that really caught my eye. Instead of boarding the train I turned and walked briskly after the girl to ask her where she got it from. Her answer (to my eager face) was, ' oh my mum bought it for me as a birthday present, don’t know where its from... maybe Topshop?' As you can imagine I went to ask the nice girls in Topshop if they stocked it and they said they had never seen it before. I searched everywhere.. no luck and I ended up feeling very disheartened that the jumper I craved to own was never going to be mine. However luck came in the form of Spitalfields Market, where I ventured up to a tiny stall. This is where I met Laura and her beautiful jumpers...indeed I did feel like I had hit the jackpot! There was the jumper. It was like seeing a long lost friend. As they are limited edition I promptly got my self on the waiting list for the colour and size that I wanted and crossed my fingers and toes. Three months later my jumper has been delivered, and I am over the moon.

Like many that blog about fashion I am a lover of Chanel, and all things that have an essence of Coco about them. This jumper that is made by LauraLaura is just wonderful and unique. As you can see teamed up with skinnies and a little bit of gold jewellery it really can be chic and as Coco would say it makes me feel très merveilleux.

To see more of Laura fab designs go to