Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bangles as far as the arm can see..

We are told every year as summer approaches that bangles should be stacked high up your arm(Grazia was preaching already about it being a 'hot' trend for summer in this weeks issue). . Marc Jacobs is the main culprit for this trend this year ,as his 2011 collection saw models in bright colours sporting 4-5 bangles in the same colour pallets walking down the runway, looking effortlessly chic. However I am not a model and due to spending my day at a computer, this really isn’t a practical option in updating my summer wardrobe this year.

I do think many people will try out the trend for the summer though and I am hoping that as the weather heats up (fingers crossed) I will spot someone on my travels that rocks this look and prove how the normal person can look fabulous in this trend.. and of course, I will report back on how they got the look. However until a bit more sun arrives I am sticking to my trusty and slightly over-sized manly looking Micheal Kors watch as my bangle of choice.

Image: Marc Jacobs s/s 2011