Monday, 3 March 2014

London in the Sunshine...

February has turned out to be a pretty good month - catching up with friends, seeing my gorgeous new nephew, celebrating my anniversary with my man, booking my trip to Milan in May and  a birthday trip away New York/Boston for later in the year (so so excited!). This weekend I took a trip to to the sunny streets of Brick Lane, London.

I often forget how beautiful London can look in the sunshine. I get great pleasure in grabbing a coffee and sitting outside to soak up the sun and the atmosphere - Yep even in February! Although I didn't sit on my butt for the whole trip; I visited my usual top shops Absolute Vintage and Rokit, munched on brunch at Bishops-gate Kitchen and wondered round looking at beautiful accessories in Spitalfields Market -  where I did find some amazing gems but will leave them for another time!

Coat - Topshop /T-Shirt - Topshop
Diamond necklace - Accessories/ Sunglasses - RayBan
Jeans - Whistles/ Boots - Office
Bag - Mulberry/ Fur Stole - Vintage 1930's

'til next time xx

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Testing Botanics Ultra Calm range...

As the winter weather is playing havoc with my skin this season, I thought it would be an ideal time to try out some products that aim to calm and sooth sensitive skin, as well as replenish lost moisture in the cold and bitter winds that we are being dealt with (fingers crossed for some spring sunshine soon!).

For the last four weeks I have been using the Boots Botanics; Ultra Calm range, which all include natural marshmallow extract to calm and sooth sensitive skin.

What does it claim to do?
This comforting moisturiser immediately calms irritable skin, with continued use reducing sensitivity.
The unique formula instantly boosts the moisture levels of delicate skin, providing all day hydration and advanced protection from the damaging effects of UVA/UVB rays.

Marshmallow is nature’s soothing star. The roots are packed with natural sugars and polyphenols that work together to help leave skin less reactive and altogether calmer.

Our beauty scientists use active plant extracts approved by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, to bring you beautiful skincare that's proven to work. 

What items are in the range?
Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Calming Day Cream SPF15 50ml £6.99
Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Relief Serum 30ml £7.99
Botanics Ultra Calm Skin Calming Night Cream 50ml £6.99

What did I think of it?
I have to say when I first used the day moisturiser and the serum together after cleansing my face, I did have a slight reaction to the cream and my skin went very red and hot for a few hours -  so not a great start.

Since then I have tried again with the combination of the moisturiser and the serum and the same thing happened. Not sure if I have extra sensitive skin or just the combination of both products reacted to my skin.

However in the last three weeks I have used the day mosturiser in the morning on its own and the night cream as the last phase of my cleansing routine before bed, leaving out the serum and I can say my skin does seem less red and dry then it was over the Christmas period.

For under £10 the two creams are a good pick for those looking for a budget beauty bargin -  though I think I might try out some other serums to get one that my skin gets on with!

For more information or to view the full range by Botanics go to

'til next time xx

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The little things you learn...

Last year was the the year of learning for me, and though I posted slightly less on here, this didn't mean that there wasn't anything going on in my life.. quite the opposite! My brother got married, I became an Auntie, I moved in with the boy and secured my roots in the rolling countryside of Buckinghamshire... as well as taking on more responsibilities at work. So some  big changes.

However instead of me dealing of a long list of goals for 2014 and setting that annual goal of wishing to have the body of Kelly Brook, I want to reflect on 2013 and some of the key things I learnt, which might actually be useful to some of you... when you find yourself crossing the same obstacles  or conundrums.

  1. Make time for others, but make time for yourself
  2. Read labels on clothing - I have managed to shrink two jumpers and damage a blouse as they were hand wash/dry clean...take a minute to read... if in doubt hand wash! (...and make sure there are no biro's left in your trouser pockets!!)
  3. Don't get bogged down in your weaknesses; we aren't perfect
  4. Juicing is an amazing way of life -  I am a complete convert and will continue to do juice detoxes in 2014 ( for more information on juicing check out
  5. Don't be influenced by nasty comments, snide digs.. stand your ground and maintain your dignity & integrity 
  6. When moving in with your boyfriend make sure you don't dismiss all their treasured possessions.. learn to compromise - Indeed their 30 year collection of Viz magazine may send you into shock and the Sega Mega Drive given prize position in the living room may make you think "why am I doing this?".. but just remember he isn't questioning the 62 statement necklaces you want on display and the ever-growing collection of beauty products you need to own!
  7. Step out of your comfort zone occasionally 
  8. If an item you love is broken try and fix it asap -  loosing gems out of a necklace, a clasp on a watch being loose, a hole in a jumper or a button coming off a coat can be the breaking point of  not being able to wear something get off your butt and fix it! I now have spare buttons, superglue, spare earring backs and other handy bits and bobs in tin so I can fix the item myself there and then!
What did you learn in 2013? is there anything you are going to change or work on in 2014?

'til next time xx

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Birthday sparkle with the help of Zara...

I think everyone has that moment once or twice before they go for a meal or date, when you question yourself on your choice of atter and ponder if you have made the right choice you don't know what the dress code is for the evening... turning up in a sequin number and then all the other girls have come in jeans and pumps... can make you look a bit of an attention seaker... especially if the night is about someone else!

Last weekend I went out on the town to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays, with a meal and some drinks and I had this dilema. What kind of a restaurant we were going to? and what was the dress code we were going for? (sequins were on the cards for the first 4 hours), however I went back to my failsafe look which is a simple top (though in a high end fabric like silk) teamed with skinny jeans and mid heel court shoes. However as it is me and I do love a bit of bling the statement necklace I went for is this beauty for Zara that I got about a year ago.. and yes it is as sparkly in person!. I adore it.. however I did notice that the waitress talked to my chest rather than my face for this reason!

'til next time xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Juicing detox done and dusted...

So after a week of following Jason Vale's Juice Master program where I literally lived off nothing but fresh juice and water for 7days straight. I have finished the program and pleased to say I lost 3 inches off my hips, an inch off my waist and 7lbs in weight. Though more importantly I feel more alert and not sluggish during the working day and have also been sleeping better. So over all looking back on the week it has been a good experience. Over all a good plan!

As many of you would have seen from my Twitter updates there were some food cravings during the way, which weirdly included pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and steak. Before the detox I liked the odd bit of chocolate and Chinese, though overall I ate pretty well so I do think this made the week go a bit easier for me, then someone who may eat a lot of junk food and saturated fats. Also if you drink caffeine a lot you can suffer from headaches up until the 3-4 day though drinking lots of water can get rid of these pretty easily.

Jason recommends doing a 7 day detox every 3-4 months, so I am going to have another detox in the new year.

If you are interested in Jason Vale 7lbs in 7 days visit his website here for more information.

'til next time xx

Monday, 21 October 2013

Time to detox...

Many of my friends would say that I have a skill for detoxing and reorganising peoples wardrobes. I genuarly enjoy chucking out old clothes, unused bags and broken jewellery or finding new homes for items with Meyer friends that they might then get some more love from them. (Much to my friends delight to be able to get some hand- me-downs.Though for a change this post isn't about detoxing wardrobes  or my ever expanding collection of statement necklaces. This about detoxing of a different kind. My health.

I would say like the average Brit, I like food, the odd (ok few) glasses of red wine and head to the gym a couple of times a week after work. Though like many I feel that I need a bit of a re-boot, a bit of a body blitz. So with the help of a wise man call Jason Vale and a shed load of veg I  have started a jucing detox.

 Since starting on Friday I have been on just five juices a day for seven straight days - With only water and a herbal teas being my other companions. I also will have Jason's app keeping me company and on the straight and narrow. It has been a bit tough so far.. I have been craving bread and pasta... Though I am halfway through and the end is in site...  I am going to give it my all!

I will of course be tweeting how I am getting on, the juices I am having and let you know next Saturday how it went.

'til next time xx

Monday, 14 October 2013

A little statement...

Impulse nights out are usually the best. That moment when you go..'sod sitting here in our PJ's watching XFactor tonight, lets go out for a few drinks and a bit of a dance!'. Last night was just one of these nights!

I went with a purple silk vest from River Island teamed with Whistles skinny black jeans and a black cotton Top Shop blazer. Thought the item I wanted to share with you the was the earrings that I chose for the evening as they were a bargain at £7.99 (New Look) and were bold, though beautiful.

I chose to have my hair up in a simple pin up style that was made easier by my hair being curled earlier on in the day - so literally 10 minutes to do. And based the style on one used by the lovely Lauren Conrad when she was in The Hills. I learnt how to do it by just practising in a mirror a few times and using the long Kirby grips rather then the small ones so they hold the hair in place.

What do you think? Do you have your hair up when you have statement earrings?

'til next time xx

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Mask: Road testing GlamGlow mud mask...

Every few weeks I usually treat myself to a pamper day; facial, manicure, pedicure and maybe a massage. just some time where I catch up on reading my monthly magazines and just have some down time. I can spend up to three hours in my local beauty salon getting pampered. However this monthly treat is having to be cut back (saving for a holiday, so have to be good)so I am finding other high-street alternatives to get the same results.. but at a fraction of the cost.

One item I have recently bought to get the 'at Home' facial and is a mud mask called GlamGlow. Designed for Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion and Award industries for camera-ready soft glowing skin (fans include the likes of Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston and Helena Christensen). Dredged off the coast of Southern France, home to glamorous Cannes, St. Tropez and Monaco. GlamGlow describes itself as an amazing rapid exfoliant mud mask for men and women, high in ancient volcanic pumice rock, super antioxidants and minerals. With moisturising collagen synthesis for the face, neck and décolleté. So exciting stuff!

My first thoughts were.. this is a small jar! (50g is about £40 from if you use it excessively you could get about 8-10 applications out of the pot so over a few months this could work out cheaper than a £40 monthly facial.

So after smoothing all over my face ( not my eyes though) and leaving for 10minutes my face is now set solid. Kind of feeling I imagine when you have botox, I couldn’t pull a facial expression even if I tried. The other thing was their was tiny dark dots on my nose and chin.. which as I found out later is where excess oils are sucked out of your skin to clean your pores. Kinda gross but hey if it is clearing out the pores it must be doing good! I used warm water and a flannel to get the mask off ( though make sure you use a dark shade as it took vanish to get it out of my white dressing gown).

I have sensitive skin and can often flare up with exfoliating product. Though looking at my skin I would have to say I am impressed with this little tub. My skin was soft and my pores have been tightened and overall it was worth the £7 an application.

With this in mind The Stylista and the Frog gives this product: 4/5 (minus a point for muddying up my dressing gown!)

Right on to hair masks next!

'til next time xx

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Just like school: the tribes of LFW...

I have been to four London Fashion weeks now and every time I have tried to enjoy the whole experience and make sure I make the most of the opportunities that come from meeting other bloggers and like-minded individuals that love fashion. I personally like to photograph peoples outfits that I think are well put together and wearable. Sadly with LFW some people take the event way to seriously and try too hard with their outfits in an attempt to be noticed.

Though how can you spot the difference between a fashion buyer and blogger? Or the difference between a fashion assistant and a fashion PR?  It can be a tricky to navigate your way through the masses of LFW and who is someone worth approaching and those who is desperate to be spotted. I loved this ‘who’s who’ guide by Ailsa Miller (Senior Fashion Assistant at Tatler)…. a helpful guide for anyone daring the cobbled courtyard of Somerset House... keep this in you bag for next time!

The weirdest looks at London Fashion Week SS14 - Yahoo Lifestyle

Wearing: Bomber jacket, slogan T-shirt, micro-kilt and Nikes (all the better for running after your boss).
Can be found between shows: Sprinting for the fashion bus, which is always parked down some alley miles from the venue - only the seasoned assistants have the knack for finding it. Befriend them.
Favourite show:
Most likely to say: Has anyone seen the fashion bus?

Wearing: Skinny black-leather trousers, Equipment silk shirt and fresh pair of Manolo BBs. Crucially, they won't be carrying a bag or even, in some cases, be wearing a coat - the ultimate proof they have a driver outside.
Can be found between shows: On their BlackBerry, in the backseat of their chauffeur-driven Range Rover.Favourite show: Jonathan Saunders.Most likely to say: Could you please turn off the air conditioning?

Wearing: An outfit by the designer whose show they are attending, which, although this entails 10 changes a day, always seems to be an A-line minidress, bare legs, and nude patent platforms (still).
Can be found between shows: Who knows? They disappear as quickly as they arrive. Probably getting changed.
Favourite show: House of Holland
Most likely to say: Excuse me, I MUST nip backstage to congratulate Henry on the most WONDERFUL show.

Wearing: Golden Goose sneakers, Peter Pilotto printed pencil skirt (try saying that 10 times fast), a plain white T-shirt and zillions of crystal eyeball necklaces by Dannijo.
Can be found between shows: Standing with one leg crossed over the other, chin-down-smiling, surrounded by 173 street style photographers, and on the receiving end of filthy looks from the Bloggers: Z List.
Favourite show: Peter Pilotto, obvs.
Most likely to say: I wish I could pay someone to break in these Balenciaga boots for me.

Wearing: Neon-fur floorlength cape, a hat with googly eyes, platforms without a heel, madly shaped sunglasses, a slogan T-shirt with a fashion saying on it, shredded denim bottom-exposing hotpants, crazy patterned tights, under even crazier-patterned knee socks, all topped off with a Japanese backpack shaped like a stuffed animal (more often than not, a retro cartoon reference such as a Pokemon character or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle).
Can be found between shows: Head down, charging through Somerset House as if they have somewhere very important to be. In fact, this is their eighth lap since the last show and is just a ruse to be papped.
Favourite show: Anything and everything they finagle their way into.
Most likely to say: I don't exactly have a ticket, but my friend is just inside, can I go in and look for her?

Wearing: Trenchcoat, baggy jeans and brogues, with a bicycle parked nearby to use as an 'impromptu' prop.
Can be found between shows: Lying on the cobbles of Somerset House, snapping arty shots of shoes with bananas on. Or something.
Favourite show: JW Anderson
Most likely to say: What is your name and who are you wearing?
Wearing: Animal print, Illesteva mirrored sunglasses and an oversized Marni tote (concealing laptop and flat shoes).
Can be found between shows: Rushing frantically between showroom appointments (sometimes having to miss the actual shows) and napping, wherever and whenever possible.
Favourite show: Erdem
Most likely to say: Is my Outlook broken or do I really have this many appointments?

Wearing: All black, accessorised with killer heels, a headset, a clipboard, and a startlingly intense look in the eyes.
Can be found between shows: Sobbing quietly over a seating chart in a corner, backstage.
Favourite show: The last one. It's finally over.
Most likely to say: Are you seated or standing?

Though this season was the first time I decided not to attend simply due to work commitments and having two press events in the coming weeks it just didn’t make it possible ( February 2014 I will be there!)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My new earrings by Zara Taylor...

 I was also given some lovely jewellery from British designer Zara Taylor  , whose designs I absolutely adore.... so you can understand that why when I got the below items I was thrilled!

The black and clear Alice Earrings are £20 and the Fuschia Pink & Peridot Green Vintage Jewel Earrings are £15, so reasonably priced and absolutely beautiful. I will defiantly be wearing these pieces in some future outfit posts as they are simple and elegant - perfect for work!

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